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Putin said he is aware of Xi’s concerns about Ukraine

In what may be the first evidence of tension between Moscow & Beijing, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he understands Chinese President Xi Jinping’s worry over the current Ukraine situation.

The acknowledgment comes after a week during which Russian forces suffered astonishing casualties on the ground. Since the attack by Russia, China has maintained a cautious stance, condemning the sanctions that the West has imposed on Russia but refraining from backing or participating in military action.

When Putin and Xi met for the first time since the conflict in Ukraine broke out, Putin said to Xi, “We strongly respect the balanced approach of the Chinese friends when this comes to the Ukraine problem.” “We are aware of your concerns and questions about this matter. During the meeting that we are having today, we will, of course, elaborate on our viewpoint.

Moscow, which is facing international sanctions by the West, wants marketplaces for its energy supplies and sources to acquire high-tech items. The assistance that Moscow receives from Beijing is largely seen as important for Moscow.

The last time that these two men met, they inked an agreement between their nations that declared their relationship to have “no limitations.” After another three weeks, Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

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