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Special troops from the U.k. were involved in assaults against Russia

Special troops from the U.k.

The Russian government has said that it intends to show “evidence” to support its claim that special troops from the U.k. were involved in assaults against Russian military and naval installations located in Crimea.

The United Nations was involved in the negotiation of an agreement for Ukraine to export grain, and the Kremlin is prepared to produce information that might lead to the collapse of the contract “in the near future,” which means that they want to call the British ambassador.

The administration of President Vladimir Putin claims to have “strong proof” that perhaps the British military aided with a vast drone attack against the Russian navy’s Black Sea Fleet this past week off the coastline of Crimea. This strike was carried out by the British military.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the meeting will take place “in the near future.” She also stated that the United Kingdom’s ambassador would be called in and provided with the relevant information.

“The fundamental materials will be turned over as proof to the British side, and they will also be disclosed to the general public,” she continued. “The general public will also be seen these items.”

According to The Moscow Times, Deborah Bronnert is serving as the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Russia.

Zakharova further said that after Russia’s meeting with the ambassador, the “documents” will be published by Russia.

The Russian military claimed over the weekend that Ukrainian troops had used drones to attack their fleet “under the command of British experts in the region of Ochakiv” in southern Ukraine. This city is located in the Crimea region.

In addition, the Kremlin said that “according to our intelligence,” the same British team “took part in the planning” of the explosions that occurred on the Nord Stream pipelines in September when they were located under the Baltic. In response to this, the United Kingdom said that these allegations are “false assertions on an epic magnitude.”

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