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Disney worker, teacher nabbed in Florida human trafficking bust


A Disney employee, a corrections officer, and several school teachers were among 160 people arrested in a seven-day long undercover human trafficking sting in Polk County, Florida.

According to WAFB9, the operation – “Fall Haul 2” – resulted in 52 felonies and 216 misdemeanor charges. One of the more notable arrests was that of a 41-year-old computer technician for Oak Ridge High School, Cameron Burke, who was out on bond for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student that began in 2020.

Other notables include a deputy Georgia police chief, a high school math teacher, a bellhop employed by Disney, and a freelance photographer often contacted by Disney.

The bellhop, Guillermo Perez, 57, was arrested after trying to have sex with an undercover detective for $80, while the freelance photographer, 26-year-old Samy Claude, reportedly offered an undercover cop a bag of sour Skittles.

The correctional officer, Keith Nieves, 24, was arrested on two counts of soliciting a prostitute.

The Georgia Deputy Police Chief, Jason DiPrima, 49, allegedly gave an undercover detective $180 and a multi-pack of White Claws.

“He is no longer a police officer in Cartersville, Georgia, and he needs to work on reconstructing his life with his family. He did a very mean, nasty thing to his family and he certainly embarrassed all the people of Cartersville,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd during a press conference. “The Cartersville Police Department is a very professional police department in Georgia and they didn’t deserve what Jason (DiPrima) did.”

The oldest of the arrests is 64, while the youngest is 19 years old, according to officials.

Out of the 160 arrests, 15 people were from states other than Florida, and one was from Puerto Rico.

Of the people who were arrested, police say 26 of them said they were married.

Detectives also said they seized cocaine, heroin, meth, MDMA and marijuana from those they arrested as well. –WAFB9

“Where would we be with an undercover operation and no Disney employees? Oh yes, we always have Disney employees,” joked Judd.


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