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Pentagon Director and Harvard Professor Suggests Extraterrestrial Mothership May Be Visiting Planets Close to Earth

Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) of the Pentagon, disclosed in a recent report that an alien mothership has invaded our solar system and is visiting planets in the neighborhood of Earth. Around military sites, unidentified “items of interest” are the focus of investigations conducted by the AARO. The scientific paper, which Abraham Loeb, the chairman of the astronomy department at Harvard University, helped to co-author, argues that the mothership may be an artificial interstellar object that releases miniature probes during its near passage to Earth.

Mothership that is Capable of Sending Out Probes

According to the study, the parent vessel has the potential to issue teeny small probes that are capable of reaching Earth or other planets in our solar system in order to conduct exploration while the parent vehicle is in the process of passing those worlds. Oumuamua is the name given by scientists to the object that was discovered to be the first extrasolar visitor to our solar system. The authors of the study propose that the object may be an example of a hypothetical mothership with probing capabilities.

The paper goes on to say that astronomers would not see the spray of mini-probes because they do not reflect sufficient sunlight for existing survey telescopes to view them. This argues that astronomers would not notice the spray of mini-probes. Both Kirkpatrick and Loeb are of the opinion that an operational construct such as the NASA missions has the ability to launch a large number of smaller probes.

Political Stimulus and Financial Support for AARO

After a month of a careful investigation into UFOs and other flying mysteries, this study report has finally been compiled. According to a letter that was sent to the Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks and the Deputy Director of National Intelligence Stacey Dixon by Senators Marco Rubio, Kirsten Gillibrand, and 12 other senators, the success of the AARO depends on robust funding for its activities as well as cooperation between the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. The letter makes a plea for the AARO to receive its full funding and believes that doing so will bring more transparency to the American people and eliminate the stigma associated with the condition.


According to a report that was just released by the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office of the Pentagon, an extraterrestrial mothership has invaded our solar system and is now visiting planets that are close to Earth. The paper, which was written in part by Abraham Loeb, indicates that the mothership may be able to send microscopic probes that may be able to reach Earth or other planets in our solar system for the purpose of exploration when the parent spaceship passes by. The study goes on to say that astronomers would not be able to detect the spray of miniature probes because these probes do not reflect sufficient sunlight for the survey telescopes that are now in use to see them.

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