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Hollywood Boosts Its World Economic Forum Insect Agenda, With Nicolas Cage’s Help

Hollywood stars Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult have joined the World Economic Forum’s campaign to promote the consumption of bugs, insects, and crickets.

Cage, known for his daring method of acting, famously ate a live cockroach in the 1988 cult classic Vampire’s Kiss. Now, he claims that eating insects can help combat climate change and solve world hunger by providing excellent macro-nutrients. He urged humanity to overcome their fear and phobia of eating insects, which are high in protein, low in fat, and abundant in nutrients.

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During an interview about his new role as Count Dracula in the horror comedy Renfield, Cage shared his insect revelations, while Hoult, who plays R.M. Renfield in the film, revealed that he ate caramel-flavored cockroaches and salt and vinegar or barbecue-smoked crickets for the role. Cage praised Hoult for taking it to another level by eating a potato bug, but Hoult admitted that it tasted every bit of bug.

However, critics warn that the push for insect consumption may have harmful consequences. Scientific research shows that insects contain the perfect “armor” for parasites and pathogens to infect humans and animals and spread diseases.

The global elite’s agenda to encourage people to give up meat and start eating bugs and crickets could turn humans into walking parasites, assisting in the depopulation of the planet.

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