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mRNA Vaccines Have Been Given to Pigs in the United States Since 2018; Beef and Chicken Could Be Next

A disturbing warning has been delivered by an attorney and activist by the name of Thomas Renz, who claims that mRNA vaccinations have already been given to pigs in the United States since the year 2018, and that beef and chicken might be next on the list. This has the potential to result in the widespread immunization of the population of the United States via the food supply.

Merck and Moderna, both major players in the pharmaceutical industry, are responsible for the creation of an mRNA vaccination for pigs, which has been commercially available since 2018.

The whole food supply may soon be vaccinated using this uncontrolled and untested technique.

A form of mRNA that is transmissible has been produced, and it may now be passed on to anybody who consumes the substance that was injected into the animal or plant. According to Renz, “They could engineer this into plants, into animals, and various other things.”

The issue of food products that might change your DNA, which Renz has been raising attention to, would be required to be labeled under House Bill 1169 in the state of Missouri. Those individuals who choose not to have the mRNA vaccination may nevertheless be exposed to it through their food if we do not enact some legislation requiring informed consent.

They are opposed to the food labeling transparency measure, the National Cattleman’s Cattle Association has indicated that mRNA vaccinations may soon be used in cattle in the United States. In addition to the RNA vaccine for avian influenza that was approved for use in hens in 2015, researchers are now working on developing additional mRNA-lipid nanoparticle vaccines for the disease.

Renz draws attention to records from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that date back to 2002 and demonstrates that the pharmaceutical sector and the federal government have been seeking mRNA vaccine technology for the food supply for at least twenty years.

In conclusion, the administration of mRNA vaccines to pigs since the year 2018 is a topic of significant worry. This is especially the case when taking into consideration the potential for this technology to be applied to the whole food supply. Regarding this type of unregulated experimental technology, it is imperative that legislators adopt measures to assure openness and informed consent from the public.

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