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The Netherlands, along with Canada and Australia, have gone completely bonkers

Because of the WEF and several climate nuts, the Netherlands, along with Canada and Australia, have gone completely bonkers.

They are teaching youngsters that it is healthy to consume insects. In an effort to mainstream eating bugs to save the environment, several hundred schools inside the Netherlands now are providing mealworms and other insects to youngsters as part of their school meals.

Following an initial moment of reluctance, the children attending the Octopus elementary school in Zwolle cautiously placed the mealworms in their mouths. Some people’s expressions light up as their taste buds begin to process the foreign meal, and they comment that it has a flavor “like nuts.”

Today, the students at the school are given the opportunity to participate in a novel dining experience. Included a package of food that is both healthful and sustainable. It is a method that has been tried and shown successful: changing behavior via the (as of yet) unrestrained youngsters. Because if people see value in it, it will have a bright future ahead of it.

The pupils in the seventh grade sampled meals that included lupine worms as well as other types of insects.

One component of the “Great Reset” is the extermination drive now underway in the Western Hemisphere. In the meanwhile, under the leadership of the WEF, farmers are being driven off their farms in order to restrict the nation’s cattle supply. The group claims that this is done in order to minimize the number of methane emissions.

Children in Australian schools are now being given insects to study. Children are especially susceptible to being brainwashed.

After using govt subsidies and incentives to build new infrastructure in London, Ontario, to fabricate 9,000 metric tonnes of crickets for per capita consumption to start replacing cows, pigs, as well as chickens, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, launched a series of nitrogen reducing emissions regulations in July to attack traditional farming. These regulations are intended to reduce the amount of nitrogen that is emitted from agricultural operations.

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