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The Conspiracy and Inconsistencies of Climate Change Initiatives

Adopting “net zero” climate targets may not appear optimal in light of the ongoing economic uncertainty in the Western world. On the other hand, there are others who could argue that individuals in positions of authority should take advantage of the situation.

The United States and Europe are still battling stagflation, so the rise in average world temperatures of less than 1 degree Celsius over the course of the last century should not be a significant concern. The assertions that a looming climate disaster is imminent are not supported by any solid facts, and they appear to be motivated by the entrenched interests of government and think-tank organizations that are reaping the benefits of billions of dollars in financing. As a result, there is no foundation for the imposition of exponential limitations on the emissions of greenhouse gases.

The purported urgency of the climate catastrophe is a complete hoax.

When one looks more closely at the practices advocated by the climate cult, it becomes clear that preventing the extinction of species on Earth is not the primary goal. Instead, the true goal is to strengthen the authority of government bureaucracy to a degree that has not been seen since the medieval empires of bygone eras. A return to a life of subsistence farming would result from this action.

The conflict that occurs as a result of the rising demand for energy and the purposeful cuts that are being made to production methods is one of the most important issues that come up in the discussion over requirements related to climate change.

The power brokers at the top of the establishment seek to limit the public’s access to energy sources and force them to pay a higher price for each portion of an ever-decreasing pie. The attempts that are being made by certain governments to shut down nuclear power stations, which are one of the cleanest types of energy in terms of carbon emissions, is a typical illustration of this phenomenon.

As a result of Germany’s recent decision to shut down its remaining three operable nuclear power facilities, the country is now in a hazardous position with regard to its access to electricity. The energy shortage was caused by Russia’s decision to stop supplying Germany with natural gas. The home power rates in Germany are currently among the highest in all of Europe, and it is anticipated that they will continue to grow in the not-too-distant future.

Last year, as a direct result of the situation in Ukraine, energy prices skyrocketed, which caused some members of the German government to have second thoughts about shutting down the nuclear facilities as originally scheduled for December 31, 2022. Even though Olaf Scholz, the German chancellor, consented to a temporary extension of the deadline, he demanded that the final countdown take place on April 15.

In addition to the shutdown of nuclear power reactors, the German multinational electric company E.ON has raised its rates by as much as 45% as of the first of June, with some areas of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) seeing an adjustment of almost 45% for their typical use.

Ironically, Germany’s government was forced to expand the number of hours that coal-fired power plants were operational due to an energy shortfall that occurred during the previous winter. In spite of this, they continue to shut down nuclear reactors that provide clean energy in order to create room for renewable energy sources, which are notoriously inefficient and are unable to support the current population. Confusion and gradual anarchy have been produced as a result of contradictory environmental regulations.

In conclusion, the statements that there will soon be a climate catastrophe appear to be motivated by entrenched interests, and the policies that are tied to climate change appear to have no rationale behind them. Instead, it appears that they are contributing to greater turmoil rather than providing answers.

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