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Harry & Meghan to have their titles of nobility removed from them

As a result of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, there is an increasing amount of pressure being put on Prince Harry & Meghan Markle to have their titles of nobility of Duchess and Duke of Sussex removed from them.

After the couple was married just four years ago, the queen bestowed their titles onto them. However, after they gave up their high royal positions in 2020 and moved to the United States, they have been subjected to increasing levels of criticism. They have often participated in politically progressive activities and have made statements that are unflattering of a royal family, with Markle explicitly claiming that the family is racist.

“We were witnesses to the royal wedding, and we witnessed the outpouring of affection for them from the general population. According to Hilary Fordwich, an expert on royal matters, who was interviewed by Fox News, “she was greeted with arms open at that time.” “Don’t forget that Prince Harry was among the most popular candidates. Although, he was formerly considered a front-runner for the Royal seat and has since fallen significantly in the polls.

After the two relocated to the United States, the Parallel Parliament submitted a petition demanding that their positions be taken since the titles were awarded to them on the premise that they would be “active royals representing the kingdom.” However, the two no longer fulfill this requirement.

According to what was said in the petition, “Since this is not the case, this status cannot be exploited for personal financial advantage.” “As a result, it serves no use and ought to be eliminated.”

Fordwich claimed that the appeal was “from the inhabitants of a county of Sussex,” who were outraged that they were not going to be represented by the pair. Fordwich added that now the petition was “from the residents of the county of Sussex.”

She said that “there has been a petition and a campaign from the folks of the county of Sussex, which they are meant to represent, to oust them.” “Why? Because they are adopting the moniker without contributing anything to the betterment of the people of Sussex. This presents a conundrum. This is not a role for a famous person. It is a duty-bound function to play. Therefore, you are required to complete your obligation before you may have the title. Why would someone seek the status if they do not intend to fulfill their responsibilities to the residents of the counties of Sussex? You simply do or you don’t. You can’t have your dessert and eat it too; it’s impossible.

“If you are the Duchess of Sussex or the Duke of Sussex, you are expected to serve the people, and it is your responsibility to be there and to travel there in order to visit people’s homes, churches, schools, and hospitals. In addition, you are expected to be there.” She went on to say that this is something that the Duchess and the Duke do. “They ought to act in such a manner. For instance, Prince Edward, the youngest son of the Queen, has the title of Count of Wessex, and his wife, Sophie, holds the title of Countess of Wessex. They carry out this activity by traveling to Wessex on a regular basis. Therefore, it is quite significant to acknowledge that the residents of Sussex are receiving service.

According to Fordwich, the two will continue to have their royal titles until and until Parliament takes steps to strip them of such titles. As a result of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a number of other petitions demanding the removal of the crowns been started, and a number of prominent members of society have also demanded that the couple’s titles be taken away.

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