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Egypt is considering a move away from the US dollar in its trade relations with BRICS nations. Learn about the country’s plans to use local currencies in trade with India, China, and Russia, and the potential impact on its struggling economy.

In a bid to diversify its trade relations and reduce dependence on the US dollar, Egypt is in discussions to shift towards using local currencies in its trade with key members of the BRICS economic bloc. Supply Minister Ali Moselhy revealed the country’s intentions, expressing a desire to trade in the local currencies of India, China, and Russia. This move holds significant potential for Egypt to strengthen its economic ties and mitigate the challenges it faces. This article delves into Egypt’s plan to abandon the dollar in trade with BRICS nations and examines the implications for its struggling economy.

Egypt’s Plan to Shift Away from the US Dollar in Trade with BRICS

Egyptian Supply Minister Ali Moselhy recently announced that the country is exploring the possibility of using local currencies, such as the Indian rupee, Chinese yuan, and Russian ruble, in its trade with BRICS member states. While these discussions are ongoing, no concrete implementation measures have been put in place. The aim is to establish a trade framework that enables Egypt to conduct transactions in the local currencies of its trading partners, fostering stronger economic ties and reducing reliance on the US dollar.

The Importance of BRICS and the Potential Impact on Egypt

The BRICS economic bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, accounts for 40% of the global population and nearly one-third of the global economy. These nations have exhibited remarkable economic growth and have outpaced the G7 countries in recent years. By seeking to trade in local currencies with India, China, and Russia, Egypt aims to tap into the vast potential and advantages offered by these BRICS economies.

Boosting Egypt’s Struggling Economy

Egypt has been grappling with economic challenges, including a decline in revenue from tourism and a surge in commodity prices. Additionally, geopolitical tensions have led foreign investors to withdraw around $20 billion from the country’s financial markets. Egypt’s inflation has surged, partly due to currency devaluations, foreign currency shortages, and delays in imports.

To address these issues, Egypt recently secured a $3 billion deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and received support from Gulf allies, who pledged billions in investments. By diversifying its trade away from the dollar and leveraging stronger economic ties with BRICS nations, Egypt hopes to revive its struggling economy and foster sustainable growth.

BRICS Expansion and Egypt’s Role

The growing significance of the BRICS bloc is evident from the interest shown by several countries in joining its ranks. Over 19 nations, including Egypt, have formally requested membership. This underlines the influence and allure of the BRICS group, making it a focal point for economic cooperation and trade expansion. As Egypt actively explores options to trade in local currencies with BRICS members, it positions itself as a vital player in fostering stronger economic ties within the bloc.


Egypt’s plan to move away from the US dollar in its trade with BRICS nations demonstrates the country’s commitment to diversifying its economic relations and reducing reliance on a single currency. By exploring the use of local currencies, such as the rupee, yuan, and ruble, Egypt aims to strengthen economic ties with India, China, and Russia. This shift holds significant potential for Egypt’s struggling economy, as it seeks to overcome challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth. As discussions continue, Egypt’s participation in the BRICS economic bloc may further enhance its position as a key player in the global economic landscape.

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