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1939 Invasion of Poland by Germany Covered Up by False Flag Operations

1939 Invasion of Poland by Germany was Covered Up by False Flag Operations. The night before Germany attacked Poland, 7 German SS men dressed as Polish infiltrated the Gleiwitz radio transmitter on the German side of the boundary with Poland. They did this while claiming to be Polish. They sent out a brief message announcing that the station had been taken over by the Polish government.

In addition, the troops abandoned the corpse of a civilian who had been disguised as a Polish trooper in order to give the impression that he had been shot during the operation.

The next day, Adolf Hitler gave a speech in which he justified the Poland invasion by referencing the assault at Gleiwitz as well as other instances that had been similarly staged.

The beginning of the Russo-Finnish War in 1939

During the same year, shelling occurred in the Russian settlement of Manila. It was near the border with Finland, and the Russian Empire used the purported assault as a pretext to breach its non-aggression treaty with Finland, which led to the beginning of the infamous Winter War.

Historians have now arrived at the conclusion that the bombardment of the village wasn’t really carried out by the Finnish military as was previously believed but rather was a hoax carried out by the Communist NKVD state security organization.

In 1994, Boris Yeltsin, the first President of the Russian Federation, came clean and acknowledged that the Winter Conflict was an aggressive war on the part of the Soviet Union.

1964 event involving the Gulf of Tonkin

A maritime engagement took place between a United States warship and North Vietnamese torpedo submarines on August 2, 1964, in the Gulf of Tonkin, which is located just off the coast of Vietnam.

Both sides sustained damage to their own warships, North Vietnamese suffered a total of eight losses, including the loss of 4 sailors.

The National Security Agency of the United States said that a few days later, another battle of a similar nature took place.

On the other hand, it seems more probable that the second assault by North Vietnamese ever took place.

The commander of a destroyer belonging to the United States Navy first said that he was being encircled and shot on by hostile torpedo boats, but he subsequently stated that because of the poor weather and limited visibility, he could not be certain that this had been the case.

According to papers that were declassified and made public in 2005, it seems that the N. Vietnamese fleet was not attempting to attack the US warship but rather was attempting to rescue some of the boats that had been destroyed on August 2nd.

On the other hand, Lyndon B. Johnson & his staff came to the conclusion that they should believe the first account of the events and reported them to Parliament as two unprovoked assaults on American soldiers carried out by North Vietnam.

It resulted in the passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which authorized Johnson to launch bombing operations on North Vietnam and significantly increased the level of participation of the United States military in the Vietnam War.

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