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Gabriel Poliquin passed out as he was quizzing a witness

On February 14, 2022, a hearing was held over the liberal government of Justin Trudeau using the Emergencies Act. During the hearing, an attorney for the government named Gabriel Poliquin passed out as he was quizzing a witness.

The Emergency Act had been an extreme reaction to a nonviolent demonstration by truckers over obligatory COVID immunizations that took place in Ottawa’s capital city for a period of three weeks.

The protest took place in Ottowa.

The Canadian attorney and YouTube celebrity known as ‘Viva Frei’ commented on the collapse of the prosecutor and said that it is against the rules for us to address the issue of whether or not Mr. Poliquin had gotten any COVID vaccinations.

A tweet sent by Poliquin dated July 30, 2021, has the hashtag #vaxxedtothemax, which encourages members of the general population to get COVID vaccinations. If Poliquin is “vaxxedtothemax,” then it is quite probable that he has had two COVID injections in addition to boosters. In another tweet, he said that he had presented his daughter with a COVID jab for her birthday. According to Viva Frei’s reporting, Mr. Poliquin managed to escape the fall.

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