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Networks of BioDiesel Production and Logistics

BioDiesel Production and Logistics

Developing national and local networks of biodiesel production and logistics to their members, group, and association.

Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc. is a: Battlegroup 301 Bio-diesel Member Agent.

In what ways might biofuels be used in the transportation sector?

Bioethanol is a kind of ethanol that is produced not from typical feedstocks (crops that are high in starch) but rather from cellulosic biomass materials.

You may use ethanol in its natural state, sometimes known as “neat,” as a mix component in gasoline, or as a fuel for fuel cells. Methanol is another kind of alcohol that has the potential to be used as a fuel for automobiles.

However, biofuels may also be used for heating homes and generating power in addition to their more common use in the transportation industry.

In what ways does biodiesel help?

Biodiesel, sometimes known as “green diesel,” is a renewable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional diesel fuel. Energy independence, cleaner air, a greener planet, and more protection for drivers are just some of the outcomes of switching to biodiesel as a transportation fuel.

Does biodiesel help the economy?

A significant portion of our national GDP is contributed by the biodiesel market. Reduced reliance on foreign energy supplies improves national defense and lowers the trade imbalance. The production of biodiesel has a multiplier effect on the economy, improving the employment market, tax base, and GDP.

OK, let’s Talk about how YOU can get involved, SAVE $$, and our planet…

Option 1) 

$1,000.00 production share, (a one-time cost) for a 5-barrel deposit, and acquisition of 1 barrel of bio-diesel@ @ $300.00 each per week or 4 barrels per month @ $1,224.00. The 4-barrel delivery at once reduces transport costs and time, with a 1-barrel bonus reserve. Savings per barrel over a year are considerable and can be redirected to stockpile more fuel, vehicle & machinery maintenance or repairs, or anything else. A barrel is essentially 180 liters. $1.70/L; $306.00/barrel; (Members with their own fuel tanks can have bulk delivery, with the production share as only $500.00)

Option 2) 

$350.00 production share, (a one-time cost) includes a 1 barrel deposit and acquisition of 1 barrel of bio-diesel and additionally, each barrel of bio-diesel@$350.00 each to be guaranteed available per month;

Option 3) 

$100.00 unlimited production account, private member, general reserve, non-investment, production dividend, 15% in fuel, or financial compensation. Fuel may be traded or allocated according to demand and financial compensation generated. You do not need a vehicle, machinery, furnace, or have a need for bio-diesel, simply get involved in building a national and local network capability and be part of the solution.

Currently being offered in Renfrew County, Muskoka, Barrie & Simcoe Grey, Capital Region, Peterborough; Supply & delivery logistics developed as required, optimizing transport and time. Also, future en route is bulk transport direct to larger tanks, now mainly barrel delivery and trade/refill.

Laurentian Fortress E-Transfer instructions with corresponding email order; bio-diesel (at)

Battlegroup 301 Incorporated offers special discounts and opportunities through the Bio-diesel Member Agent to their members, group, and association of individuals and enterprises.


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