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Big Pharma Examining its own Covid vaccinations

Covid Vaccinations

Why is Big Pharma examining its own covid vaccinations for potential myocarditis adverse effects since the vaccines are already claimed to have been researched and confirmed to be effective and safe?

People who have been vaccinated with mRNA-based covid inoculations are at a higher risk of developing myocarditis, an inflammatory affliction of the heart that can result in death, according to recent announcements made by both Pfizer and Moderna, which state that the companies will be conducting research to investigate these concerns.

The decision was made following the publication of a number of medical studies that demonstrate a connection and a causal relationship between immunizations and exponential growth in the prevalence of cardiac issues, particularly among males under the age of 40. It was just a year ago that it was commonly believed that there was no connection between covid vaccines and myocarditis. Vaccination Safety Data Withheld by U.S. Drug Regulators.

Studies have also shown that a person’s chance of developing myocarditis rises in proportion to the number of vaccinations they have had.

Prior to 2020, the typical vaccination would have been put through 10 to 15 years of rigorous testing and re-testing by pharmaceutical corporations and the FDA before it could be made available to the general population. This was performed not only because checking is a complicated process that involves a lot of red tapes, but as well as because it is the one and only method for determining any long-term side effects that could be linked to a particular vaccination product. This was done because lab tests are a complex process that involves a lot of red tape. If you study any medical publication or scientific overview on the creation of vaccines that is published before the year 2020, you will find that all of them agree that testing for an extended period of time is important to ensure public safety.

Suddenly, after the year 2020 and the beginning of public advocacy against the covid mandates, a large number of medical “professionals” but instead bureaucrats began arguing that mRNA immunization does not require the same lengthy testing time frame as the other vaccines do because state funding allowed for all to be accomplished much faster. This is not the truth.

What exactly took place in that room? Big Pharma was able to bypass crucial testing and trials because governments sped up the clearance process by adopting emergency measures at the national level. For instance, Pfizer executives recently testified under oath that covid vaccination was never tested to see whether or not it truly stopped the spread of the virus. They just said that it did, without providing any evidence to support their assertion. And governments started making misleading claims that vaccination is the only way to limit the disease’s spread in an effort to justify mandating vaccinations for the whole population.

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