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Russia’s Bold Claim: US Approval of Ukraine Aid Equated to Sponsoring Terrorism

In a dramatic turn of events, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, boldly proclaimed on Sunday that the recent approval of a hefty aid package for Ukraine by the US House of Representatives is akin to pouring funds into the abyss of terrorism.

The Dire Warning: Escalation of Crisis

Zakharova didn’t mince words as she warned against the potential ramifications of further military assistance not just to Ukraine, but also to Israel and Taiwan. According to her, such actions would only serve to exacerbate the already precarious global crisis.

Military Aid: A Sponsorship of Terrorist Activities

Bringing her argument to the forefront, Zakharova emphasized that any military aid directed towards the Kiev regime would essentially translate to a direct endorsement of terrorist activities. She painted a vivid picture, depicting funds flowing towards Taiwan as nothing short of meddling in China’s internal affairs. And as for Israel, she portrayed aid to them as a catalyst for unprecedented escalation in the region’s conflicts.

The Tactical Maneuver: Pushing Through Amidst Opposition

Amidst growing dissent and global outcry, the US Congress pushed forward with a staggering $95 billion aid package, a substantial chunk of which, approximately $61 billion, was earmarked for Ukraine. This allocation includes provisions for the procurement of weapons and military equipment, raising eyebrows and concerns worldwide.

Washington’s Hybrid Warfare: A Tumultuous Path

Zakharova’s accusations didn’t stop there. In a scathing indictment, she accused Washington of plunging deeper into a hybrid war with Russia, likening the impending outcome to ignominious chapters of history such as Vietnam or Afghanistan. She painted a bleak picture of Washington’s intentions, accusing the US of callously using Ukraine as a pawn in their geopolitical chess game.

The Grim Reality: Sacrificing Lives for Political Gain

With a tone dripping in irony, Zakharova lamented the plight of ordinary Ukrainians, whom she described as being forcibly thrust into the throes of war as nothing more than expendable pawns. She accused Washington of cynically sacrificing Ukrainian lives in a bid to prolong the conflict until the upcoming US presidential election in November.

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