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Face Masks: A Scientific Review on Their Efficacy in Preventing COVID-19 Transmission

A new scientific review conducted by researchers from top American universities has shed light on the efficacy of face masks in reducing the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Contrary to the widely accepted belief, the review states that wearing masks may have had little to no impact on curbing the transmission of the virus.

The findings of this review are consistent with several earlier studies on the subject, confirming that the widespread use of face masks has done little to contain the transmission of COVID-19. According to the review, “wearing a mask may make little to no difference in how many people caught a flu-like illness/COVID-like illness.”

Do N95 masks and P2 respirators provide extra protection? This study also found that even N95 masks and P2 respirators, which were believed to offer enhanced protection against the virus, may not have made any significant difference in the number of people who contracted a flu-like or respiratory illness.

The concept of masking to protect against viruses is now being considered pseudoscience by some experts, given the lack of conclusive evidence that it works. The review’s validity is likely to be the subject of debate, but the findings are clear: face masks may not work, despite what authorities have been telling us since early 2020.

The Debate on Mask-Wearing At the very least, this review should stimulate a healthy debate on the efficacy of mask-wearing, which was never allowed to happen as the prevailing “science” simply did not permit it. Experts who dared to question the universal masking policies were banned from social media and accused of being anti-science.

The CDC initially dismissed the idea of a mask mandate, but as the issue became politicized, politicians and the press labeled any questioning of masks as anti-science and unhinged. In April 2020, the CDC reversed its position and called for mandatory mask-wearing for the entire population, including children as young as two years old.

The consequences of mask mandates and school closures have been devastating, particularly for children who have been separated from their friends and teachers for extended periods. Children are suffering from emotional, developmental, and physical health issues due to these policies. The developmental disaster caused by these mandates is unparalleled in history.

A Basis for Questioning the Mandates The scientific questions surrounding mask efficacy will continue to be debated for years, but what this review reveals is the harm of censorship. The lack of a genuine debate has resulted in avoidable social, emotional, and economic harm to the population as a whole.

In conclusion, the efficacy of face masks in preventing COVID-19 transmission is a subject of intense debate. While this review may not answer all the scientific questions regarding mask-wearing, it certainly questions the harm of censorship and the absence of a serious debate on the subject.

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