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Imagine what would happen if a Russian ambassador asked for President Biden’s assassination?

There would be a price to pay if a Russian ambassador asked for President Biden’s assassination. The Congress would insist that the bombardment of Moscow start as soon as possible.

The media outlets that spread corporate misinformation would be having a field day. An ignorant fear of the Russians would likely spread more quickly than covid. On the streets of the United States, Russians would be executed by gunfire.

And yet, we have a former official of the United States Government, a guy who is without a doubt responsible for a wide range of war crimes, advocating for the murder of the president of Russia. He issued a veiled warning of revenge against the citizens of Russia in response to the purported nuclear threats presented by their government.

Putin has said that nuclear weapons might be utilized if there is an existential danger to Russia. The media spreads false information that he plans to use “tactical” nuclear weapons in Ukraine in the event that Russia starts to lose. There is no possibility that Russia can “lose” in Ukraine, despite what the website run by the traitor Matt Drudge claims to be the case.

Since Jon Bolton is so eager to stir up trouble with Russia, could we be able to volunteer the whole Bolton family for service in Ukraine?

Not even a tremor. The corporate propaganda machine as a whole almost nobody commented on how absurd John Bolton’s statements were. Bolton seems in the video to have the same level of calm that Jeffrey Dahmer had while he was on a murder trial.

It is quite unusual for these warmongers to be exposed. First and foremost, John Bolton was a major driving force behind supporting the illegal as well as war crime-ridden Iraq war. During the Bush admin, when he tried to pretend to be envoy to the Un (because few in the House of representatives saw him as ambassadorial fabric, therefore they did not vote to confirm him), Bolton had been a driving force behind the Iraq invasion where (1.5 million people killed).

According to Juan Cole’s writing, “People like Bolton, who don’t want any constraints on their power from the global rules of law, are really just trying out for the role of individuals like Nazi commanders Günther von Kluge with Gerd von Rundstedt, who led the assault on Poland.” Bolton is “trying out for the role played by individuals like Nazi generals Günther von Kluge & Gerd von Rundstedt, who led the attack on Poland.”

It is extremely revolting that the media goes to “experts” or “former officials” of the shoddy quality of John Bolton in order to analyze what is escalating towards World War II with nuclear devastation.

In the meanwhile, those who expose the war crimes committed by the state are imprisoned and slowly tortured and killed, as appears to be the situation with Julian Assange.


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