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Summary of the Deception, including the COVID death total

Summary on Deception

This really is MY BOMBSHELL Summary of the deception, including COVID death totals.

And would you believe it? It’s not hard at all. There will be no charts or graphs. It is not necessary to have a doctorate in statistics in order to comprehend it…

Keep an eye out for the large pink beach ball that is bouncing about. A few quick bounces. And that is all.

Let’s begin with the information from the WHO on the overall number of COVID-related fatalities throughout the world as of the end of October this year:

As of 5:43 p.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST), October 28th, 2022, there had been 6,566,610 fatalities and 626,337,158 recorded cases of COVID-19 reported to WHO from throughout the world. Remember, this is the WHO data.

OK? Let’s say the amount is 6.6 million fatalities for ease of calculation.

Let’s move on to the next part, which is a report on global NON-COVID influenza fatalities of Our World in Statistics:

In 2019, pneumonia was responsible for the deaths of 2.5 million individuals. Once again, this is the WHO data used, So it is NOT misinformation or Disinformation.

The first statistic, which comes from WHO and represents the overall number of fatalities caused by COVID, is calculated over a period of about 2 years and 10 months. I’ll round that number down to 2 years and 8 months as a gesture of goodwill. 2 years and 2 & 1/3rd months.

What you get if you took the number of deaths from pneumonia that occurred in ONE year and multiplied that figure by 2 and 2/3 years?

I got 6.66 million. 6.66 million NON-COVID influenza deaths. Yep, can you see what happened?

Virtually precisely the SAME as the OFFICIAL count of COVID’s overall death toll.


You can’t make this s**t up, folks, you just need to dig a little deeper. Having said that, I encourage everyone to make up their OWN minds.

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