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Evolution of Political Correctness – What NOT To Do

Political Correctness is the flavor of the day

At this moment in the evolution of political correctness, publishers are afraid to name the specific issue they want readers to get correctly for fear of being labelled as politically wrong themselves.

That’s as dumb as dumb gets.

To paraphrase: “There’s this something you should just not say because it’s cruel, and If I can’t tell you what it is then I would be cruel.”

Uh yeah. Sure. Thanks.

To provide just one example:

The following unusual headline appeared in a recent CBS News article:

The city of New York is looking to rebrand monkeypox because of the negative connotations it has in minority populations.


An excerpt reads as follows: “As the number of reported cases of monkeypox has continued to rise, the City of New York’s Department of Health submitted a letter to the WHO requesting a new name for the disease, explaining that the infection does not originally come from monkeys and may stigmatise at-risk populations.”

Erik Bottcher, the councilman representing Manhattan’s Third District, has said that this is potentially upsetting.

Names like “Spanish Flu” and others like them carry with them a lot of connotations. And that’s not the kind of thing we want to bring up in discussions about public health. We want to communicate about the facts, Bottcher added, so that people may take precautions.

Contrary to what was first assumed based on the title, “people of colour” are not really mentioned in the body of the piece at all.

Just what is going on here?

The vast majority of the reported cases of supposed monkeypox have been reported by public health officials to have occurred among homosexual males. Why do gay men suddenly identify as “people of colour?”

The CBS title implies that some people, somewhere, link “monkey” with “people of colour.” The same goes for those who support their actions.

The article, however, will not elaborate on what I just elaborated on since doing so would be seen as racist.

So, the title is vague and strange, and the article itself ignores the implication.

This CBS piece makes it seem like the publishers, editorial staff, and maybe the creators are all locked up in a psychiatric facility wearing straitjackets.

Since I’m always willing to give a hand, I offer some recommendations for a new name for monkeypox:

The KOALA POX has broken out.



A SYSTEMIC RACE Disease, of course.

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