Doug Ford’s Motivation for Conspiring with Justin Trudeau

Doug Ford’s motivation for conspiring with Justin Trudeau is purely self-gain tactics. Below is how Doug Ford’s govt takes advantage of Justin Trudeau‘s fraudulence on the state and federal government, but above all, the people of Canada.

Doug Ford received as high as $25 billion dollars directly from Justin Trudeau to compensate SNC-Lavalin to restore the Candu atomic power plants in Ontario Canada.

Justin is Trudeau ripping off Canadians and providing billions of dollars in federal government money (taxation money), YOUR MONEY to his buddies in SNC-Lavalin through SNC-Lavalin’s CANDU preventing Doug Ford needing to shell out for the $25+ billion dollars to restore “Ontario’s nuclear reactor”. Doug Ford’s govt will not need to borrow $ 25+ billion dollars, instead, he will make Ontario hydro ratepayers bear the cost or increase income taxes in Ontario.

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