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Update – Vaccine Mandate for Canadian Truck Drivers

The vaccination mandate for Canadian truck drivers at the United States border REVERSED, the Liberals now claiming the statement was actually INCORRECT, and that the mandate is STILL ON.

The other day the Canadian Border Services Agency or better known as (CBSA) said that the state and the federal government will NOT go through with mandatory injections for truck drivers after cautions from truck companies claimed that it may result in significant supply problems.

Just one day after this news, Liberal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos under PM Trudeau said in a news release that the information was actually “GIVEN IN ERROR,” undoing the policy, yes folks, Trudeau will NOT let go from the forced Jab.

Let me ask you Something: What is Your Freedom Worth?

Regardless of whether the Liberals were to ditch inoculation for Canadian truck drivers, the requirement will affect 14,000 United States common carriers or Truckers that regularly enter Canada.

Based on estimations by the Canadian Transportation Alliance, and also the American Trucking Groups, the present requirement is going to affect as many as 26,000 truckers who cross the border to Canada, and will definitely result in cost hikes.

The CTA head Stephen Laskowski said that the requirement “is usually not a transportation problem. it’s a supply problem that can have serious ripple effects all throughout North America, impacting the economy of BOTH countries”

“We’ll be experiencing shortages of merchandise in retail stores,” said Perrin Beatty.

The mandate is likewise projected to rock the boat with regard to fully-vaccinated truck drivers, based on the CBSA.

“As the brand-new measures are rolled out on Jan. 15th, a carrier might encounter hold-ups at the port of entry because of the changed procedures,” a CBSA representative informed

PM Trudeau blames EVERYONE but himself…

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