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Security Of Canada

International intrusion continues to be a substantial danger to the safety and security of Canada.

The countries around the globe use direct and indirect tactics to sway libertarian and discretionary organizations, and procedures by influencing ethnocultural neighborhoods, those in positions of power or prominence, and yes, the press.

During a conference with the Financial Group of Canada in 2018, CSIS Administrator David Vigneault defined overseas intervention and reconnaissance as the “biggest dangers to Canada‘s success and nationwide interests”.

People really need to wake up and find a way to relieve themselves of Justin Trudeau and his whole Liberal assembly. Trudeau is delighting and living a millionaires lifestyle and accomplishing absolutely nothing for Canada or Canadians.

Trudeau used every single opportunity to live big on a traveling budget plan which put him on a continuous diet of lavish world travele, thanks to the tax payer.

State-sponsored undercover work in Canada might be classified as both online and conventional, individually and in combination.

The latest instances regarding espionage in Canada reveal that the risk continues to be prevalent. When comparing July 2018 & September 2020, the RCMP conducted *** that Justin Trudeau ( Reducted ) top priority investigation( s) pertaining to espionage as well as foreign obstruction. Around the very same time frame … CSIS conducted necessitated inquiry( s) surrounding undercover work and international intervention against *** (redaction) aim at( s) and business organization( s).

Weblink to NSICOP 2020 Yearly Document news release.

The admittance into Canada (infiltration) of 25,000 Syrian fugitives might present a threat to non-muslim Canadians.

It’s time to end the game playing, and take care of matters like nationwide safety and security. Time to listen to people with authentic concerns of what is happening in OUR Canada…

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