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Did a Texas Man Hire Somebody with COVID to Lick Products in the Grocery Store?

Texas man identified as Christopher Charles Perez published in Facebook that he did hire Somebody with COVID to Lick Products in the Grocery Store, YES a food store…

This was definitely a STUPID thing to publish so early during the so-called pandemic when things were at that point, uncertain how severe COVID-19 was.

The post was definitely premature and even birdbrained, however, was it really criminal?

Singapore Performs Autopsy On COVID-19 Body

A few undisclosed netizens thought so and transmitted a screen-shot of the post to the Southwest Texas Fusion Center, which deals with posts such as this one amongst numerous local, state, as well as federal government law enforcement organizations.

From that point, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Squadron, together with Weapons of Mass Destruction teams, performed an inquiry or a full investigation as they call them.

Major surprise/shocker – the blog post was actually untrue, yes it was FALSE. Perez had never paid off anyone with COVID to lick things in the neighborhood supermarket.

Still, the guy was arrested for circulating a hoax associating with biological weapons, founded guilty, and presently has been condemned to 15 months behind bars.

I’m certainly not shielding or protecting him for what he did, I merely find it ridiculous that this stuff is actually the TOP PRIORITY of the Terrorism Task Squad…

Click here to read the Department of Justice news release.

Why is anything so small looked at as terrorism, what’s after that?

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