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What can the Government do if People are Labeled Domestic Terrorists?

If People are Labeled Domestic Terrorists

Authorities or those in power can destroy countless lives if people are labeled domestic terrorists, these guys can easily bring in every one of the “wretched” that they labeled and always intended to do away with.

It makes perfect sense to become furious with any type of government. It may also be what the governing bodies yearn for.

The state and federal government leaders are rapidly becoming more and more tyrannical, which in turn makes folks furious, enhances suicide, increases medication dependency, creates mental disorder, and of course, domestic terrorists. Or does it?

The Corporation, like Fire, makes for a Helpful Tool and a Treacherous Enemy

Assuming that you go ballistic and violent, then these tyrants WIN. The state and the federal government are essentially great at one thing: physical violence. Therefore, do NOT participate in their territory or battlefield as some call it – NEVER make it possible for these power-hungry snakes to determine that field of battle.

Do not become violent no matter how challenging or difficult the authorities make your life.

Here is an article that will shock you: German Grocery Stores to stop Unvaccinated People from Entry

As an alternative, rely on building a parallel economy – competing organizations that are going to not only help you but other folks to be dependent a lot less on state and federal government, and at the same time, may turn a small profit for delivering such beneficial products and professional services.

I found a video on” How to create a domestic terrorist”… Check it out.

Domestic terrorist explained…

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