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A tidal wave of lawsuits will soon be filed against psychiatrists and medical professionals who have given their unqualified approval to transgender mutilations and procedures

If a doctor or other medical expert recommends puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to a patient under the age of 18, that individual will also be made accountable for child abuse as well as medical malpractice. Soon, there will be a flood of lawsuits directed at medical experts that encourage transgender procedures and genital dismemberments on their clients.

Young people who were coerced into transgenderism are making the first steps toward de-transitioning back to their authentic selves.

Consider the case of Jay Langadinos, who is 19 years old. In May of 2010, an Australian woman went to see a psychiatrist the title of Dr. Patrick Toohey in order to get some professional guidance. After just one session, the psychiatrist booked Jay for hormonal treatment as well as 2 significant operations to have both her breasts as well as uterus removed. Dr. Ann Conway, Jay’s endocrinologist, expressed concern over the fact that Jay was “extremely young,” and as a result, she recommended that Jay undergo “a comprehensive mental work-up before starting on hormonal therapy.”

However, the psychiatrist Patrick Toohey didn’t conduct an extensive psychiatric evaluation on his client and did not make the effort to pay any attention to what the patient had to say. After only one session, he ordered synthetic hormones, which caused Jay to obtain extra male sex traits without her consent. Shortly after that, she underwent a series of mutilating procedures, the first of which was a double mastectomy. Her gynecologist gave her approval to have a hysterectomy when she was just 21 years old, stating that she had no “psychiatric serious complication to going with surgery as a component of gender transition.” Jay went through with the procedure.

After ten years, Jay has come to realize that she did not identify as male despite the fact that she was indoctrinated to do so at an early age. At this time, she was suing the doctor for negligent conduct on the part of a doctor.

According to Dr. Van Meter, hormone blockers are a doorway to the medical mutilation of normal body parts, and they have a wide variety of adverse effects, both in the short term and the long term. It appears to be some kind of conveyor belt. The patient is then moved down the production line to the cross-sex hormones once they have been given the puberty-blocking medication and have been put on the conveyor belt. And then at the very end, have the choice of having an operation to mutilate their body in order to give the impression that they are the opposite sex.”

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