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So, Who Did Blow Up The Pipeline

A little over a month back, on Sept 26th, explosions shook the underwater natural gas pipelines known as the “Nord Stream” that links Russia and Germany.

These explosions sent boiling methane racing to the surface in numbers that were large enough to be observed from space.

Everyone has seen the footage of Joe Biden making the promise in February of last year that “There will NOT be a Nord Stream 2,” and “We will put a stop to it.”

The history of bellicose threats made by the United States of America against the Nord Stream pipeline was far more extensive than simply a film or two.

For over a decade, a primary objective of America’s foreign policy was to halt the construction of the Nord Stream pipeline. Politicians of both parties pounded the table in an effort to halt the pipeline’s construction. However, all of that history was erased the minute the explosions occurred.

At this point, we are unable to determine who blew up the pipes.

This video by Matt Orfalea highlights three concerning facts that are already common knowledge regarding the Nord Stream explosions:

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