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Experts Speaking Up Against Compulsory Face Masks For Kids

Compulsory Face Masks For Kids

Experts are actually speaking up against compulsory face masks for kids 5 years of age and younger in spite of Canadian jurisdictions advising or calling for mandatory masks for younger children in every province.

The World Health Organization or better known as (WHO) stated unmistakably that youngsters 5 years of age & under, should NEVER be necessitated or forced to use face masks, based on the inability to properly use a face mask with very little assistance.

In spite of the recommendations, Health Canada said to kids 2 yrs old and older to wear them.

“Keep in mind, superheroes use face masks as well,” the federal government internet site points out. Is it me or is this COURSION?

Preschool students at academic institutions within the Toronto Area School Board (TDSB) were literally ordered to put on face masks beginning in September. A memorandum released at the TDSB during Aug notified parents or guardians regarding the protocol despite the fact that it violates the Ontario state and federal government’s very own rules, that call for pupils in Grade 1 and higher to dress in face masks.

Durham Region Board of education trustees followed suit by voting on Jan. 5 to make face masks compulsory for preschool kids when in-person learning restarts on Jan. 17th.

Keep in mind that Masks Were Used as Torture Tools at Guantanamo Bay

“I feel strongly that we need to be more proactive with this and safeguard/protect our students as well as personnel/staff the best we can using masking,” claimed Pickering trustee Chris Barney. I have one thing to say to Mr. Barny ” YOU ARE AN IDIOT!”

Now, ask yourself, How Good are these so-called teachers if they have NO clue to the damage they are causing these innocent children by forcing them to wear the face mask 8 hours a day?

Science has proven the danger of prolonged use of masks, and young KIDS are NOT the ones spreading these viruses. There is not 1 case of ANY teacher catching this virus from a child at school, ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET…

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