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Deborah Conrad finally persuaded her medical facility to thoroughly monitor and track Covid-19 inoculation numbers of every individual accepted to her hospital. The end result is truly shocking.

As Ms. Conrad outlined, her healthcare facility serves a neighborhood where 50% of the people were inoculated with respect to Covid-19, roughly 90% of the people admitted to her clinic were reported to have gotten this injection.

Those clients were accepted for a range of different reasons, consisting of yet not restricted to COVID-19 conditions. A lot scarier is the fact that there were a lot of younger people, numerous of who showed uncommon or unforeseen physical symptoms, most of these patience were accepted many months after they got the JABB.

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You would think that after a doctor determined or identified these conditions, health authorities might at the very least review this data, right?

Unfortunately, as soon as Ms. Conrad talked to medical experts herself, she was generally dismissed. My company then sent out a notice to the CDC and even FDA on July 19th, 2021, on Ms. Conrad’s behalf (notice letter is below in the link), still, neither of the 2 firms answered. In fact, when physicians came to Ms. Conrad for support or help with submitting VAERS documents for their clients, the medical facility quickly banned her from submitting these kinds of reports when she started asking questions related to the numbers.

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The CDC and FDA neglected to answer are certainly not unexpected – these so-called experts have been cheerleading this injection for several months. Accepting or confessing to any type of injury at this time would be akin to asking them to switch or point the handgun at themselves.

This highlights the significance or importance of never ever allowing the state and federal government to bully you and mandate any care treatments.

The complete document to the CDC and also FDA
Correspondence with the medical facility
Extensive conversation with Ms. Conrad on the Highwire

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