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Alberta Workers Joined Forces to Demand COVID Jab Requirement be Retracted

The Canadian province of Alberta workers joined forces to demand that the COVID jab requirement be retracted.

5,000 public servants in Alberta have actually united to combat a regulation that they regard as a ‘violation’ of the Canadian Charter, the Criminal Code, as well as Human Rights.

Manitoba voted 30-20 opposing anti-free speech and pro-abortion Bill 207

The Alberta provincial federal government under Kenney wants every public service employee to take a jab by Nov 30th or run the risk of losing their job. He said that “People are permitted to supply negative COVID examinations, however, at their own cost”.

On Friday, October 1st, the Manitoba lawmakers voted 30 to 20 against “anti-free speech including pro-abortion” Bill 207.

MyAPSChoice has now retained the legal services of Rath & Company to help battle the govt of Premier Jason Kenney for mandating or forcing all the government workers to get jabbed or else be sacked.

The group of people even wrote an open letter to Ray Gilmore, the Deputy Minister of the Executive Council for the Alberta Public Service Commission, claiming that mandating shots is without a doubt an “unlawful order and is definitely not enforceable.”

” Regardless of our own personal concerns, morals, ethical or religious views, we are like-minded in our viewpoint that the Authorities of Alberta Public Service and Alberta Health Services vaccination requirement protocol – is the improper solution to eliminating COVID19,” the group’s document states.

They likewise claimed that “Harassment and prejudice in the workplace are unacceptable,” and also “Permission can not be strong-armed,” as “Inoculations are not always safe” and certainly not the “exclusive (ONLY) option or choice to COVID19 safety”.

Here is an article that will BLOW your MIND – What can the Government do if People are Labeled Domestic Terrorists?

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