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If anyone thought the bombshells that Project Veritas released about Pfizer were over, you were mistaken.

The most recent undercover film of top Pfizer officer Jordon Trishton Walker reveals that the company knew from the very outset that there was something seriously wrong with their “vaccine” for covid.

Walker revealed to the investigative informant, who he believed was merely his “date” for the night, that Pfizer had been worried from the very beginning that these messenger RNA (mRNA) shots may disrupt a woman’s reproductive system, which could result in irregular menstrual cycles.

Walker said that there was something erratic about the menstrual cycles. Since of this, in the future, individuals will have to do research into the matter because it raises some questions. (In a related development, Jordon Trishton Walker has a murky history that merits a much more in-depth inquiry.)

“The covid vaccination shouldn’t be causing that [interference with menstrual periods],” the doctor said. “The science” indicates that the vaccine should not be interacting in any way with the HPA axis, that is “the hormones that regulate one‘s menstrual cycle or things like that,” Walker further acknowledged – watch below: “So, we don’t really know,” he added, pointing to “the science” which reveals that the vaccine shouldn’t be interacting at all with the HPG axis.

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