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Australia’s Government Initiative: Mandating Social Media Passports and the Cashless Society

Unveiling Australia’s Drastic Shift towards Digital Identification
In a radical move that’s reshaping digital landscapes, Australia’s government, reportedly infiltrated by the WEF, is spearheading initiatives to eradicate cash and enforce social media passports. These measures, as disclosed in recent news, aim to curtail online freedoms significantly.

Social Media Passports: A Virtual Identification System
Revealed in a report by the Today Show, the impending social media passport system mirrors the functionality of a conventional passport. Australians are mandated to furnish 100 points of identification, such as driver’s licenses or passports, while engaging with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The design is to grant police access to these accounts, constituting part of a crackdown on online misconduct, making users susceptible to defamation charges and potential criminal prosecution.

Defining “Bad Behavior” and Its Implications
The government’s narrative equates “bad behavior” on social media with any dissent opposing the radical agenda of the global elite. The ambiguity surrounding this classification is alarming, signaling a potential restriction of speech that counters their ideologies.

The Financial Transition: Cashless Banking Systems
Simultaneously, major Australian banks are swiftly transitioning to exclusive digital systems by phasing out cash, cheques, and phone payments. Macquarie Bank, among the country’s top five banks, recently announced plans to adopt a digital-only transaction system by 2024, aligning with this digital revolution.

A Global Trend towards Digital Control
Australia is not an isolated case in the globalist agenda for digital control. The European Parliament, in tandem with member states, has embraced the mandatory rollout of Bill Gates’ Digital ID. This system possesses exclusionary features, barring non-compliant individuals from participating in societal functions, aligning seamlessly with the globalist narrative.

Aligning with Long-standing Warnings
For years, platforms like The People’s Voice have forewarned the public about the looming threat of Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies. The recent developments in Australia and the European Union confirm these apprehensions, substantiating the gravity of these digital control mechanisms.

Denial and Labeling Dissent
The elite have consistently refuted allegations of such agendas, dismissing whistleblowers as “conspiracy theorists.” Their strategy involves silencing these voices on social media, ostracizing them from society, and, in severe cases, incarcerating them.

The confluence of Australia’s government initiatives towards social media passports, the cashless economy, and global trends in digital control raises pertinent concerns about individual freedoms and societal autonomy. These measures, cloaked under the pretext of safety and order, necessitate vigilant scrutiny to safeguard fundamental rights and prevent an encroachment on digital liberties.

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