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Controlling CO2: The Key to Power and Influence

In the midst of farmer protests rippling through Europe, Dutch MP Rob Roos shares his insights on the climate narrative propagated by radical globalist elites in the Western world. In a candid conversation with The HighWire’s Del Bigtree, Roos unveils the agenda behind the climate scam aimed at consolidating power and control.

Unveiling the Climate Scam

Roos pulls back the curtain on the tactics employed by elites, highlighting their disregard for fundamental values such as family, natural food, and freedom. He underscores the financial burden imposed on individuals, forcing them to opt for expensive electric cars or rely solely on public transportation, ultimately limiting their mobility and autonomy.

Digitalization: A Tool for Control

Delving deeper, Roos sheds light on the role of digitalization in the grand scheme of control. He elucidates how the push for digital identity and central bank digital currency serves as a covert form of communism, enabling unprecedented surveillance and manipulation.

The CO2 Conundrum

Roos articulates a profound truth: control over CO2 equates to control over peaple. Every facet of human existence, from breathing to traveling, contributes to CO2 emissions. By regulating CO2, globalists wield unparalleled authority over individuals and societies.

The Nexus of Control

The conversation takes a chilling turn as Roos discusses the nexus between digital identities and centralized digital currencies. This fusion of technologies lays the groundwork for comprehensive control, paving the way for a dystopian future envisioned by globalist elites.

A Pandemic Precursor

Del Bigtree interjects, highlighting the accelerated implementation of globalist agendas amidst the Covid era. The World Economic Forum’s proclamation of the “Great Reset” underscores the opportunistic nature of crises in furthering their objectives.

Challenging the Narrative

In a bold stance against mainstream rhetoric, Roos references the testimony of 1,600 scientists, including Nobel laureates, debunking the notion of a climate emergency. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the fearmongering persists, orchestrated by a conglomerate of vested interests.

Empowering Critical Thinking

Roos leaves us with a thought-provoking assertion: control over CO2 is tantamount to control over individuals. As we navigate the discourse surrounding ‘green’ policies championed by progressive politicians and and influential figures like Bill Gates, we must scrutinize their implications on personal freedoms.

In conclusion, the narrative of climate catastrophe serves as a smokescreen for the pursuit of power and control by globalist elites. It is imperative to question the motives behind such agendas and safeguard individual liberties in the face of encroaching authoritarianism.

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