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Biden’s Plan to Swap Meat with Insects Sparks Concerns

The Buckeye Institute Report Sounds Alarm Over Biden’s Environmental Policies

A recent report from The Buckeye Institute has shed light on the upcoming changes in the American food supply under President Joe Biden’s administration. The report warns of significant shifts aimed at aligning with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Net Zero” agenda, which could reshape how Americans eat.

The Shift Towards Plant-Based Alternatives

According to the report, one of the central aims of Biden’s policies is to reduce the environmental impact of food production by eliminating meat and dairy products. Instead, the administration plans to promote plant-derived alternatives, lab-grown meats, and insect-based foods. While traditional farming won’t be entirely phased out, the cost of producing meat and dairy is expected to skyrocket, making them luxury items affordable only to the wealthy.

Economic and Environmental Costs

The Buckeye report highlights the significant economic burden that these policies could impose on both farmers and consumers. By adhering to the “Net Zero” emissions goals, operational costs for U.S. farmers are projected to surge by an estimated 34 percent. Moreover, consumers may see a substantial increase in their grocery bills, with the average monthly cost expected to rise by $110, amounting to an annual increase of $1,330.

Challenges Ahead

Critics argue that these policies come with significant risks. Implementing stringent regulations to achieve carbon neutrality could lead to unintended consequences, similar to those experienced in Europe, where similar measures failed to deliver desired outcomes. The Buckeye report warns that ignoring these warnings could have dire economic repercussions for the United States.

The NEed for a Balanced Approach

The Buckeye report underscores the importance of finding a balanced approach that considers both environmental concerns and economic realities. While addressing climate change is crucial, it should not come at the expense of jeopardizing food security or burdening farmers with unsustainable costs.


As the Biden administration moves forward with its environmental agenda, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the potential impacts on the agricultural sector and consumer well-being. By fostering dialogue and collaboration between policymakers, farmers, and industry stakeholders, we can work towards solutions that prioritize both environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

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