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Conservative Party to choose a leader and Prime Minister

As a result of the resignation announcement made by Liz Truss, there will be a new election for the leadership of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.

By the 28th of October, the winner of the competition to choose her successor should have been determined.

To get on the ballot, would-be candidates need to get at least 100 nominations from other Conservative MPs. However, considering there are 357 Conservative MPs, this means that only a maximum of 3 of them will be eligible to run for office.

You are able to keep track of which Conservative MPs are supporting which candidate for prime minister here. Conservative MPs have begun publicly stating who they want to be the next prime minister.

Penny Mordaunt made history on Friday afternoon by becoming the first member of parliament to publicly declare her intention to run for election; more announcements from other MPs are anticipated. These are the potential candidates for the position.

Penny Mordaunt

This week, Penny Mordaunt got a taste of what it’s like to be prime minister when she filled in for Liz Truss throughout an emergency question that was asked in Parliament.

She earned positive feedback for her assured performance at the dispatch box, and it’s possible that she’d be interested in another shot at the leadership role.

She participated in the most recent election and garnered a significant amount of support from her fellow legislators, but she didn’t quite make it into the top two candidates.

As a result of her support for Ms Truss, she was promoted to the position of leader of the House of Commons and Lord President of the Privy Council, which gave her the authority to preside over the Accession Council for the new monarch.

Ms Mordaunt made history when she became the first female defence secretary of the United Kingdom in 2019. This was a logical match for a navy reservist who had previously served as armed forces minister under the leadership of David Cameron.

Ms Mordaunt made the following statement on Twitter when she announced her candidacy: “The support I’ve received from colleagues who desire a new beginning, a unified party, and leadership that serves the national interest has been encouraging to me. I am competing for the position of leader of the Conservative Party & your Prime Minister in order to bring our nation closer together, keep our promises, and triumph in the next general election.”

Rishi Sunak

Earlier this summer, Rishi Sunak sought to succeed Boris Johnson as the head of the Conservative Party. He was one of the two candidates left standing, along with Ms Truss, after garnering the most support amongst Conservative MPs.

During the campaign, he cautioned that his opponent’s tax policies would be detrimental to the economy; nonetheless, his message did not resonate with party members, and he ended up losing by a margin of 21,000 votes.

In 2015, Mr Sunak was finally elected as the Member of Parliament for the Richmond seat in North Yorkshire. Although he was little unknown outside of Westminster, by February 2020 he had the position of chancellor of the exchequer.

He was forced to deal with the coronavirus epidemic very immediately, spending enormous sums of money in an effort to keep the economy functioning normally despite the lockdown.

A guy who considered himself a low-tax and low-spending Conservative just on the Thatcherite wing of the party found that this did not come naturally to him, but it did improve his popularity.

However, his reputation suffered as a result of a scandal involving the tax matters of his wife, and not long after that, he was penalised financially for violating the lockdown regulations.

Boris Johnson.

It is time to pick a new leader, and many of the candidates are likely to have recognisable names; but, the guy who served as prime minister just a few short weeks ago is the most probable candidate to be selected.

After a widespread uprising by ministers and members of parliament in July, Boris Johnson was compelled to make the announcement that he would be resigning. It came after many months of disagreements around the lockdown parties held at Downing Street as well as other scandals, such as his nomination of Chris Pincher as deputy chief whip despite being aware of a written complaint against the MP’s “inappropriate behaviour.”

It has been brought to the attention of the Privileges Committee that the Member of Parliament for Uxbridge is being investigated to see whether or not he hindered the Commons by informing MPs that lockdown procedures had been followed at No. 10. As a result of their violations of the Covid, he and others received fines.

Despite this, he continues to have supporters inside Parliament as well as among the party membership in general. Nadine Dorries, a longtime fan of his, claimed that he should come back to Parliament since the British people gave him the mandate to do so in the election of 2019.

Suella Braverman

The prime minister resigned less than twenty-four hours after the resignation of the previous home secretary, which added to the mounting pressure she was already under. In spite of the fact that Ms Braverman’s departure was apparently precipitated by a data breach, the contentious tone of her resignation letter suggested that she and the company had a dispute on immigration.

Ms Braverman has made efforts to pander to the more conservative members of her party on the topic of social concerns. She has said that it is her “goal” to begin sending migrants to Rwanda, and she has criticised the “tofu-eating wokerati.”

A proponent of Brexit, the attorney general in Boris Johnson’s cabinet was a former lawyer who previously served in that capacity. Following his departure, she competed in the most recent leadership election, however, she was eliminated in the second round of voting.

Her parents were originally from Kenya & Mauritius, and they immigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1960s. Both of her parents were involved in local politics at one point or another, with her mother serving as a councillor for a total of 16 years.

After the legislation was modified so that cabinet ministers may obtain paid maternity leave, Braverman became the first cabinet minister to take maternity leave. Before the law was altered, cabinet members were expected to quit their seats rather than take maternity leave.

Kemi Badenoch

In the most recent fight for the leadership of the organisation, Kemi Badenoch was an unexpected breakout candidate. Despite the fact that she did not win the election, the competition helped greatly raise her visibility.

She was said to be planning another run for the leadership position.

On the other hand, on Saturday she revealed her support for Rishi Sunak in an essay that she wrote for The Times.

“By shifting the focus away from herself and onto the people she served, Margaret Thatcher was able to gain the public’s confidence and win three consecutive elections. We need someone else who is capable of doing the same thing. I have a strong suspicion that it is Rishi Sunak “she had written.

She was born in Wimbledon, which is located in south London, but she spent much of her childhood in the United States and Nigeria since her mother worked as a psychology professor in both countries.

Prior to her election to the position of Member of Parliament for the constituency of Saffron Walden, she had positions at the private bank Coutts and at The Spectator magazine.

Her current position as head of the Department of International Trade is the most senior one she has held in the government so far.

Ben Wallace

In spite of the fact that several prominent Tories have managed to polarise views inside the party, the majority of members of parliament see the defence secretary as a steady hand.

On the other hand, he said on Friday that he wanted to keep his present post and that he was “leaning towards” backing Boris Johnson, noting the mandate the latter candidate gained in the general election of 2019.

Mr Wallace admitted that the previous prime minister had “some things to answer,” but he also noted that the prior prime minister had a “track record” of spending in defence.

The Secretary of Defense advised prospective candidates, “You truly need to believe that is the position for you.”

He said in a tweet, “I am blessed to be the UK defence secretary and the present danger necessitates stability in that job.”

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the former soldier has been a prominent character, since the United Kingdom quickly took the decision to provide Kyiv with arms and training in order to counter Russia’s aggression.

He supported Liz Truss during the summertime race for the leadership position.

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