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Poll reveals chances for scandal-plagued Johnson to beat Labour

A survey conducted by Daily Mail found that even while Boris Johnson might do well against Labour Party in such an election compared to any other Tory MP, the Conservative Party would still be defeated.

Following the months of controversy, intrigue, and squabbling that toppled his leadership in the summer, the Telegraph noted on Sunday that “Boris Johnson maintains a degree of electoral charisma far outdoing that of anyone else in his party colleagues.”

Its most recent poll has already shown that even if the rumours about Johnson becoming prime minister again turn out to be true and he remains in office till the leadership contest at the beginning of 2025, the Labour Leadership will only be able to win a majority of 26 seats in parliament as just an outcome of the election. This is the result that the poll predicted would occur. According to the Daily Mail, however, this deficit has a good chance of being overcome throughout the course of the election campaign.

According to the study, Labour would have a margin of 124 seats and win the election in the event that the Conservatives went into the election having Rishi Sunak as its leader.

The endorsement of Johnson for prime minister by Ukraine was later retracted.

BREAKING NEWS: Liz Truss has decided to resign

However, it would still be a vast improvement over the scenario in which Liz Truss, who resigned as Prime Minister on Thursday after serving for just six weeks in her role, was permitted to remain in her position right up to the vote. According to the results of the poll, Keir Starmer’s party would have won an unprecedented 320 seats and secured a majority if they had competed against her in the election.

On the day that Truss tendered her resignation, the media began reporting that Johnson was making plans to return to 10 Downing Street. Specifically, they said that Johnson was planning to return as prime minister. On Saturday, the former prime minister made his way back to London after spending the previous week on holiday with his family in the Dominican Republic.

Early in September, Johnson, who had served as Prime Minister between the years 2019 – 2022, was pressured to quit after a string of scandals as well as a surge of resignations among members of his government in the midst of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia he became one of the most ardent advocates of Kiev in the West. He established a strong connection with Ukrainian Zelensky and advocated for the use of military force as a means of resolving the problem.

A poll conducted by YouGov on Friday revealed that 48% of people in Britain supported Starmer to lead the government, while Johnson had the support of 35% of those who responded to the survey.

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