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Joe Biden Wants $34 million More For Jan 6th Investigation

According to NBC News, the militarised Department of Justice (DOJ) under the leadership of President Joe Biden has requested more than $34 million in more cash from Congress in order to continue its investigation into the events of January 6th.

The probe has been described as “exceptional,” “unprecedented,” and “complicated,” and the budget proposal for 2023 would provide funding for a total of 130 workers, including 80 federal prosecutors.

One official was quoted as saying to the source, “We don’t have the personnel,” in reference to the fact that many J6 members who may ultimately be indicted had not been detained as of yet.

Another source said that the lack of available funds was the “culmination” of a number of different causes, one of which was the need to give assistance for cases that were proceeding to trial.

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