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China’s Influence Grows in the Middle East Amid Biden’s Foreign Policy Failures

As the United States under President Joe Biden continues to fumble its foreign policy, China is making strides in the Middle East, facilitating reconciliation and economic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

China plotting the ‘end’ of America

The recent meeting in Beijing between high-ranking diplomats from the two historically adversarial nations represented a significant step forward in the recent reconciliation and normalization of relations brokered by China. The meeting between Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud and his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amirabdollahian, was the first formal meeting between Saudi Arabia and Iran’s most senior diplomats in more than seven years.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative are expanding infrastructure and economic ties throughout the region, and it has been playing an increasingly active role in the Middle East. As the US continues to lose its status as the dominant world power, China’s economic power has allowed it to displace the American Empire, highlighting the abject failure of the Neocon strategy of maintaining US global hegemony with aggressive projections of military power.

The longstanding rivalry between Tehran and Riyadh has been fueled by a centuries-long divide over the correct interpretation of Islam and intensified during the decade-long proxy war in Syria. This rivalry has also spilled over into other countries, such as Yemen, where a Saudi-backed government is fighting Shia rebels in a grinding proxy war.

China was chosen as the host country for the meeting between Saudi Arabia and Iran due to Beijing’s positive role in facilitating communication and reaching an agreement between the two long-time rivals. China’s involvement in the Middle East has been a welcome development for both countries, given its neutrality in the region’s political and religious conflicts.

As China’s influence grows, the era of the United States’ involvement in the region appears to be coming to an end. The regional countries are capable of preserving security and stability in the Middle East without Washington’s interference, according to a senior Iranian official.

It’s clear that Biden’s foreign policy failures are leading to a decline in US global influence, and as China steps up its economic and diplomatic efforts in the Middle East, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the balance of power in the region is shifting. The US needs to reassess its foreign policy and find a way to regain its position as a global leader before it’s too late.

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