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Moscow unlawfully grabbed a chunk of Ukrainian land

On Saturday, hours after Moscow unlawfully grabbed a chunk of Ukrainian land in a significant escalation of the conflict, Ukraine’s nuclear power supplier said that Russian soldiers had blindfolded and imprisoned the director of Europe’s biggest nuclear facility.

The timing of the purported abduction is crucial to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military effort. Putin, fearing a counteroffensive from Ukraine, has deployed his most combative, anti-Western language yet this week.

The Ukrainian military, led by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has pledged to keep fighting until all Russian-occupied territory in Ukraine is freed.

On Saturday, Ukrainian authorities said that its forces had encircled the thousands of Russian troops defending Lyman, a key city situated in 1 of the 4 integrated districts in the east. On Friday, Zelenskyy officially requested for Ukraine to enter NATO, raising the stakes for Western allies to assist in Ukraine’s defense.

Russia’s military launched its worst onslaught in weeks on Ukrainian towns on Friday, with one hit in the capital of the Zaporizhzhia region killing 30 and wounding 88.

The Russians “definitely” targeted a relief shipment with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, the British Defense Ministry stated in a daily intelligence briefing on Saturday. The British military claims that Russia is increasingly resorting to the use of anti-aircraft missiles to launch ground operations.

In order to gain a tactical edge, Russia is wasting strategically vital military assets and murdering people it now claims to be its own nationals, the report added.

Once again, ALL this is NOT verified. Keep searching for the truth and you will find it, however, this is the spin of the mainstream news propaganda machine. In all fairness, I needed to post it so you can see it for yourself.

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