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What Does Covid-19 Mean?

Covid-19 means the “certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence”, and the “19” is the year in which it was created. Covid-19 is NOT the name of the virus, It is the international plan for the “control and reduction of populations”.

They want you to believe it stands for :

Here's the origin of coronavirus or COVID-19 and why you really shouldn't  call it that other name - ABC7 San Francisco

The covid tests are totally unreliable, all they detect is an Infinity of small harmless viruses or cell debris…

The only way to get out of this mess is to refuse the testing, this is the ONLY way to stop being vaccinated. We must try to make people understand that they must NOT get tested.

These corrupt Government officials and Health bureaucrats are trying to make you believe that you are SICK, DON’Tbelive the lies, you are perfectly HEALTHY and NORMAL.

Exposing the Madness of a Pandemic

This is the only solution, to save humanity.

I’m telling you this because at least you won’t be able to say, that you have NOT been warned. Covid-19 simply means “program of mass extermination“.

Don’t expect these criminals to tell you this on television, they will never tell you the truth.

You will not be able to travel without a vaccine, you will not be able to go to the cinema, and in the future, you won’t even be able to leave your own home. As you may already know, this has already started. Everything has already been set and activated as companies and media push for Mass vaccinations. They are using Case county as the tool of fear, to inflate the numbers, to scare the crap of small-minded individuals incapable, or just too lazy to research for themselves.

I draw the line in the Sand, I prefer death, over being vaccinated with this particular man-made synthetic.

Turn off the mainstream news, stop listening to the fear p*** of politicians and unelected health officials. Take your face diaper off, refuse to be tested, and live your life.

Seems to me most people are so afraid of dying that they forgot how to live.
I do not consent, I will not comply.

—————————–Here are the most dangerous lots of covid injections that can be verified under this website.
Pfizer Children: Start with an EW, FA, FC
Most dangerous for children is EW0182
Adults: EN, ER
Maderna Children ALL Ages: Ends in 20A
Adults: super toxic are the ones starting with  J, K, L, M these letters are encoded in the MIDDLE of the lot number, Moderna wanted to hide the toxicity levels this way.

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