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Britain’s Plan to Enforce Never-Ending Booster Shots

Britain’s plan to enforce a policy of never-ending booster shots for every adult, every 3 months for the remainder of their lives.

Speaking in the House of Commons (watch below), Javid clarified how the (JCVI) made a decision that the new plan is to inject every adult 18 yrs and above, every 3 months for the Virus and its countless variants for the REST OF YOUR LIFE…

The U.K. is pushing self-isolation, face masking for the Moronic (OMICRON) variation which they were and are pushing for several months now, to mass inject children, incidentally.

Way before the JCVI published this most recent “recommendations,” Javid was calling for kids as little or as young as twelve to be “considered” for shots as a cure for the so-called plandemic.

Even the CDC is pushing the Booster shot, take a look for yourself – Everyone MUST Get Booster Shots According to CDC

Javidwaited till now to get the thumbs-up from the JCVI first so that he might successfully pass the blame off to them if anything went south. However, those of us who have been taking note or paying attention can plainly see that this person has been intending to jab youngsters for quite a long time now.

Along with the 4 annual shots, Javid is enthusiastic to enforce new self-isolation and face mask protocols, that started Tuesday in reaction to the all-new “Omicron” (Moronic) variant.


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