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Canadians Forced Into COVID Detention Hotels

Canadian COVID Detention Hotels

Canadians were forced into COVID detention hotels and jailed by the state and federal government the minute these people show up in Canada from abroad.

Video footage from a Canadian detention hotel shows health care employees suited up in medical garments, masks, shields, and even blue gloves, talking with a guy demanding to get discharged from this prison.

“I don’t know when my flight is to get out of here. I’ve never committed a Goddamn crime,” the detainee bewails.

“Sir,  you’re not a criminal, that’s not it,” a worker said.

“Then what the hell is going on here? I took three tests. I have a right to know when my test [results are] coming,” the detainee fires back. “I get shit food. Then I have no chance to say what I want. I got an ugly sandwich this afternoon that just makes me puke.”

“Come on, you’re treating me crappy,” he continues. “You’re treating us all very poorly.”

Do you still think this is about your SAFETY and HEALTH?

This is a story that might interest you – Maggots of the First Order and YES, we’re talking about Joe Biden and TV Zar Dr. Fauci.

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Rebel News is a Canadian-based press outlet, that registered a legal action against the Canadian government in March over human rights misconduct at the concentration camp. After coming back to Canada from The Sunshine State (Florida) in March, the network’s press reporter Keean Bexte ran into a $750,000 fine and also 6 months behind bars if he did NOT quarantine in the COVID motel.

Inside a forced government holding hotel

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