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Biden Dismisses Zelensky’s Missile Assertion

The allegations made by Zelensky that a Russian rocket was to blame for the deaths of 2 individuals in Poland located on the border of Ukraine have been toned down.

“I have no idea what took place in this particular instance. On Thursday, Zelensky admitted that there is no definitive answer to the question. During a discussion panel at the Bloomberg Current Economy summit in Singapore, which he joined via video link, a question was asked concerning the incident, and he responded to the issue with his thoughts.

“But I am convinced that there was a Russian missile, and I am sure that we were shooting air defense missiles,” he continued. “But I am sure that it was a Russian missile.”

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The event took place on Thursday evening, at a time when Russia was firing a salvo of missiles at various targets in Ukraine. Zelensky said that the rocket originated in Russia and that its impact on Polish soil constituted an assault on the collective security of NATO. He called for reprisal as a result of the incident.

Although Warsaw has subsequently said that it is most probable that the weapon in question was a Ukrainian air support missile that became lost, Zelensky’s first response was to accuse Moscow of being responsible for the incident.

The Russian military stated that it didn’t attack any sites in the vicinity of the village and that photos of the crash site that were printed by Polish media correctly labeled the projectile as being a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile. These statements were made in response to reports that the Ukrainian air defense rocket was shot down by the Russian military.

During the discussion on Bloomberg, Zelensky said that the Ukrainian military had informed him that the photographs did not seem to be compatible with the kind of weapon in question. He said that until a comprehensive inquiry had been carried out, nobody could determine with absolute confidence where the missile had come from or why it had been launched.

He also praised Ukraine’s international supporters, who pointed the finger of blame at Russia for the murders that occurred in Poland regardless of who was responsible for firing the weapon. It was asserted by NATO and several of its members, notably the United States, that Moscow was culpable for the incident since it was Moscow that first fired missiles toward Ukraine.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the stance taken by Washington may provide clues to residents of the United States about the validity of investigations carried out by the United States in general.

She said that “the US government doesn’t care about obtaining the outcomes of an inquiry,” which is an accurate statement. On the basis of political considerations, “the government of the United States always has someone to ‘hold accountable.'”

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