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According to Baud, “it’s the destruction of Russia, not the triumph of Ukraine,” which is the West’s ultimate goal. The issue is, “No one gives a damn about Ukraine. We essentially used Ukraine to further American and American alone — not really even European — strategic goals.

In attendance: Jacques Baud. Former member of the Swiss Tactical Intelligence Service with experience in high-level security and advising roles for organizations like NATO and the United Nations, as well as the Swiss armed forces.

Putin did not threaten to deploy nuclear weapons during his address on September 21. In the case of “a risk to the territorial sovereignty of our nation and to protect Russia and our people,” he promised to “make use of all armed systems available to us.”

The United States did not establish a “No First Use” policy regarding nuclear weapons. Vice President Joe Biden has stated his support for the “No First Use” policy throughout his 2020 campaign. He reversed course on this during his presidency, although that only affected the United States’ nuclear posture and not its formal policy.

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