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Another Woman winds up in a Wheelchair after taking COVID Shot

Within several hours of getting the Pfizer shot, Mona Hasegawa claimed she could not move her legs, even her ‘mind froze,’ and a few days afterward, she keeled over.

A 42-year-old mom of 2 said she is now dealing with mental confusion and lower limb paralysis after getting the COVID jab and continues to suffer serious nerve complications ever since.

More Proof that It’s all a Scam

Wheelchair-bound Mona Hasegawa pointed out during Tuesday’s Real Not Rare rally on the steps of the High court that she got a Pfizer shot because she intended to “do [her] part to help prevent the spread of Covid,” and also to see her dad, a dialysis sufferer.

” My father who lives in Canada is a very high risk, and I believed the most effective thing to do was to become immunized because the news and health care experts were claiming that it was risk-free & effective. To my understanding at that time, the sole adverse effects were flu-like signs and symptoms,” she said.

Hasegawa belongs to a self-help group of people injured or hurt by the shot and even mentioned “there are 1000s of folks who are suffering” just like she is. “A considerable amount of people in the group are extremely suicidal,” Hasegawa mentioned.

” Therefore I’m making an effort to speak up for every one of the men and women that lost their lives. Down the road, I’m really hoping that these people are tough enough to make it through this.”

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