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NBC News is Spreading Propaganda

Spreading Propaganda

This Christmas season, NBC News is spreading propaganda in the manner of Nazi Germany that claims children who have not been vaccinated are the same as lepers. Parents should instruct their children to steer clear of this propaganda at all costs.

The all-things-pandemic “expert” TV doctor says to keep your children and babies away from unvaccinated children, or else you will suffer the consequences of RSV, which is short for the respiratory syncytial virus. The advice is presented in a way that makes it appear as simple as washing your hands regularly or sitting at home if you feel sick.

mRNA injections are responsible for the propagation of prions in the blood, which may lead to lethal clots that can result in “sudden adult death syndrome,” myocarditis, pericarditis, heart problems, and strokes. All of these “unexplainable” unexpected deaths that are occurring to sports, members of the military, pilots, and other individuals who are perfectly healthy shortly after they receive the clot injections need to be accounted for as precisely what they are — vaccine violence. The raw truth is about to be revealed. You should get the word out.

Instead of focusing solely on combating the opioid crisis and the war on drugs, it is time to take control of the vaccination process.

The false news media are now reporting on yet another potentially hazardous child respiratory virus fear, and as a result, grim warnings concerning the MOST COMMON cause of any and all respiratory diseases in infants have become the pandemic slogan of the next cold and dark winter.

Fake news The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is encouraging and pressuring parents to have an extreme fear of all kids who have not been vaccinated while at the same time associating every ordinary cold and virus with the practice of injecting children with billions of dangerous spike prions.

They are telling parents not to let their infants have any kind of physical contact with unvaccinated children, treating such children in the same manner that the Nazis handled Jews during the Holocaust, as contagious rodents & roaches that were subhuman.

Again, there is a massive push coming from false news that is packed with lies and is not supported by research. This push also encourages people to wear masks.

A graphic with the instruction for parents to keep their kids away from other children who had not been vaccinated was displayed on the screen of the fake media TV show by the medical reporter for NBC, who fancies himself a specialist on the Covid version.

The news broadcasters introduced his prerecorded message by asking him, “Frankly, why then does RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) impact youngsters so severely, and then it appears like it nearly doesn’t touch others?” He responded that he didn’t know the answer to that question.

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