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Army Recruitment Scores Are Going Down – Applicants Being Disqualified

According to Army Times, the United States Army is experiencing significant difficulties in its recruitment efforts because it is unable to get a sufficient number of young people who satisfy the prerequisites for joining the military.

On Thursday, Lieutenant General Maria Gervais, who serves as the second-in-command for the Army Training & Doctrine Command, expressed her concern about the recent disturbing events. She brought attention to the fact that the percentage of prospective recruits being disqualified has skyrocketed from 30–40% (pre-Covid) to an astounding 70%, poor test results, and/or the usage of drugs.

Gervais brought to everyone’s attention the fact that the number of new recruits had “nosedived” since July of 2021. She went on to explain that the (ASVAB) scores dropped by 10 percent during the pandemic that occurred in 2020-21. Since then, that number has climbed all the way up to 13 percent for the recent class to graduate.

Perhaps those kids were indoctrinated during the Covid era by having their education delivered to their homes through daily video conferences. The most recent figures from the Education Department show that math and reading scores have significantly decreased. During the time of the epidemic, maybe those children spent too much time playing too many electronic games, engaging in the trading of “meme stocks,” or uploading pointless videos on TikTok rather than picking up a book and studying anything of value.

In addition to not meeting the academic requirements, obesity was another factor that contributed to greater chances of disqualification. In addition, the rising prevalence of young people using drugs was detrimental.

The difficulties that young people face today call into doubt their level of battle readiness at a time when liberals who are eager to start a third world war in Ukraine or the Taiwan Strait are resolved to do so.

In July, General Joseph Martin, who serves as the chief of staff for the Military, issued a warning that the Army’s recruiting objective for 2022 could need to be reduced by one-fourth. He said that the overall strength of the Army, including both the active and reserve components, would decline by 10,000 personnel this year, and that number will range from 14,000 to 21,000 in 2023.

The topic of whether or not the service should consider reducing the criteria in order to accomplish its goals should be given some thought. In turbulent times like today, when the world is shifting from a unipolar world to a multipolar world, conflicts tend to ignite, and the United States, which has overseen the unipolar world for decades, will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to maintain the status quo. Even though the quality is more important than quantity, in times like these, when the world is shifting from a unipolar world to a multipolar world, conflicts tend to ignite.

The kids do have another thing going for them, however: their fixation on violent video games has desensitized a whole generation to all forms of violence, to the point that war may not come as much of a surprise to them.

Keep in mind that the recruiting problem facing the military has been going on for quite some time, but it has reached a new level in recent years. It was brought to our attention that this is “another evidence of dwindling confidence for the federal govt and its institutions.”

Perhaps it is because the army has become too ‘enlightened’ in recent years. You’ve probably heard the expression “wake up, go bankrupt”; well, the same thing may happen to civilizations…

The diminishing pool of young people who are eligible to serve in the military as a result of factors such as obesity, poor exam results, or drug usage should be considered a danger to the health and security of the United States.

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