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You will NOT believe What Biden’s Coronavirus Advisor Just Said

President Biden’s Coronavirus Advisor Just Said this, Is he NUTS?

Ashish Jha, Joe Biden’s coronavirus expert, has made one of the most absurd pandemic statements yet, by suggesting that since people have 2 arms rather than 1, they can receive both flu injections and the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.” Who would say such a thing?

Watch the clip below to hear Jha defend God’s design choices for the body during a recent news conference:

With such a straight expression, Jha said, “I genuinely believe this is the reason God gave us 2 arms: 1 for the flu vaccine and the other for the covid injection.” (On a related note, Jha is also the same individual who advocated for mandatory use of the Fauci Flu shot “vaccine passports” to all U.S. citizens.)

The globalist thugs Jha, Fauci, and co. continue to be ignored by at least 30% of Americans. According to a recent study conducted by The Economist and YouGov, over 30% of Americans have never gotten an injection of the Chinese Virus and have no plans to start.

The highest percentage of those who claim they have never and will never pull up their sleeves are independents (at 39%), trailed by Republicans (35%). Just 14 % have declined to get injected for covid.

For over two years, politicians from both sides of the aisle have lied to the American people about the dangers of the Fauci Flu vaccine. Some individuals are still gullible, but more and more are seeing through the deception.

As additional news comes to light concerning the globalist objective of the Biden dictatorship, we will keep you updated.

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