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Just 3 months after she was ridiculed on social networks for equating Latinos to breakfast tacos, is planning to throw an event in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The event will take place in November.

It goes without saying that all of this pertains to the impending midterm elections. Jill is working to prevent Latino voters from transferring their support to the Republican party.

To insult a group of people and speak down to them, there is no better method than to pander to them without even realizing what you are saying is disrespectful. This is the most effective approach to insult a group of people. The Bidens, Joe, and Jill, execute this strategy flawlessly.

According to Elizabeth Alexander, the communications director for the first lady, who spoke with Fox News Digital on Friday, “Yes, the first lady would therefore conduct a Hispanic Heritage Month gathering at the White House but also continue to interact with the public as she travels around the country.” Hispanic Heritage Month is observed every September. The date of the reception, in addition to any more information about it, has not yet been disclosed.

Jill Biden has not yet made any public remarks on the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, despite the fact that she has plans to do so.

During a speech that Jill Biden gave to a gathering of Hispanic voters now at the 2022 UnidosUS Annual Gathering in San Antonio at the beginning of July, she made a comparison between the Latino community and morning tacos.

During her address, the First Lady of the United States informed the audience that “the variety of your community — as distinctive as the bodegas of Bronx, as lovely as the blooms of Miami, and as distinctive as the morning tacos now in San Antonio — is the strength.”

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