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Alternative media foretold today’s events in detail

Alternative media

We in the alternative media, also known as the truth media, have correctly predicted and warned of almost everything that the world is experiencing right now, including the pervasive vaccine deaths and injuries worsening currency devaluation and inflation devaluation, government-instigated censoring, mass rebellions, depopulation as well as worsening infertility, and a great deal more.

The true media is the alternative media and the independent media. We are the ones who are willing to speak the truth to authority, ask difficult questions, and exercise individual thought rather than mindless adherence to fabricated narratives served up by lying liars. We are the ones who are willing, to tell the truth to power.

We have previously called all of this in advance & warned the public about what was going to happen (and what is currently happening), and now we are warning about what is going to happen after this.

What we are now seeing and witnessing is nothing but the premeditated destruction of human civilization as well as a genocide against mankind that is being carried out on a global scale as a form of ethnic cleansing.

The only way we will be capable of making sense of the things that are unfolding right now is if we fully comprehend this essential point:

The aggressive promotion of vaccines that are classified as bioweapons may either maim or kill.

Vaccine-compliant nations are seeing skyrocketing increases in infertility rates.

Increasing levels of food inflation will eventually result in widespread starvation and famine.

An effort by the government to exert complete control over all forms of expression via the use of censorship and de-platforming.

A deliberate and calculated reduction in the buying power of fiat money (before a “reset” of the monetary system).

Using geoengineering, sometimes known as weather weaponization, causes a crisis and disrupts food production. Intentional escalation towards World War III via provocation directed against Russia through the use of Ukraine as a proxy country. The systematic dismantling of the food chain, including the wholesale slaughter of livestock such as cattle, chickens, and turkeys.

When seen through the lens of awareness of the genocidal agenda, all of the big events that are going place in the world today no longer seem to be random, spontaneous, “poor luck” happenings, but instead as landmarks in a much broader, much more evil scheme.

That scheme involves the attempted eradication of millions of human beings, which, by the way, we think will be unsuccessful. It is an effort to get planet Earth ready for what some call a “post-human future.”

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