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Globalists are of the opinion that mankind will soon be extinct

mankind will soon be extinct

Will mankind soon be extinct? Know that despite invoking cosmological explanations and demented forces, globalists already view the human general public as obsolete.

Prepared to be replaced by artificial intelligence computer systems that will start replacing service industry jobs like telemedicine, technical support, customer service, etc., and ultimately AI-embedded bipedal human-looking robots (to consider replacing labor in agricultural production, transportation, warehouse jobs, and so on.

People in the eyes of globalists are nothing more than a “human resource” to be used up and then thrown away.

The age of humans as cheap labor, ideas and communications is swiftly coming to an end, but not before they were able to exploit the working masses for generations by taxing and enslaving them.

AI systems like ChatGPT are already able to replace a significant number of human contacts that take place through text or speech, including medical conversations. The age of the pill-pushing doctor is over, since an AI healthcare system may provide outcomes that are almost identical to those produced by humans. Many fast food businesses have already begun purchasing automated systems that can take the place of human workers, and soon, firms like Google & Amazon will begin rolling out robotic systems that can replace a significant portion of the human workforce.

In the not-too-distant future, there will be very few people actually employed by Amazon at one of its warehouse facilities. It will consist of approximately 98% robotics & 2% people, simply to tackle the difficulties that robots can’t yet figure out. This will be the case for the majority of the work.

What are the globalists going to do with all of the billions of people who are jobless and obsolete? It’s not complicated: they wipe them out completely.

Consequently, there is a need for clot-shot vaccinations, infertility mRNA injections, a failed infrastructure for food delivery, a deliberately manufactured collapse of the currency, government-run censorship, and other measures of a similar kind.

All of these things are vehicles that will assist globalists in their goal of eradicating the human race by dismantling the institutions and practices that are essential to the continued existence of civilization such as food, fertilizer, fossil fuels, a power grid, fair elections, and so on.

The breakdowns are not the result of any accidents.

Importantly, a great number of people living in today’s world are going insane because they are unable to comprehend why everything is falling apart. There is a growing lack of food available. Diesel fuel is much more costly. The supply chain has been disrupted. The infrastructure is falling apart. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is incapable of even keeping airplanes in the air and experienced a catastrophic system breakdown earlier today, which resulted in the suspension of all flights inside the United States. However, this is not the result of unlucky circumstances. This is going to happen on purpose. Humanity is now suffering from its effects.

The collaborating governments of the globe, which are primarily controlled by the WEF as well as the CCP, have evolved into terrorist groups with the objective of eradicating their own people. Because of this, the traitor Lloyd Austin had active-duty military men get immunizations against their will. It wasn’t to improve their health; rather, it was to maim and kill them in advance of the impending global conflict and the weakening of the United States’ defensive capabilities. My assessment is that Austin is an even more heinous war criminal than Benedict Arnold. He committed mass murder against his own soldiers in order to undermine the United States and increase the likelihood that America’s adversaries would be victorious whenever World War III breaks out (probably soon).

 The United States rail system is collapsing, and deliveries of food and fertilizer are being deliberately disrupted – New York City grocery stores are locking up food due to rising retail theft – Food retailers are FLEEING blue cities as crime skyrockets –  Millions of cattle and chickens about to starve due to a lack of grain The Houston hero who stopped a brutal armed robbery will have to testify before a grand jury. Pfizer is the sponsor of this content.
– Forecasts and cautions on alternative media NAILED\s– The following events are set to take place:

  • Russia is planning to unleash a significant onslaught against both Ukraine and NATO.
  • Controlled destruction of the debt-based system of fiat currency
  • Speeded up dismantling of the power infrastructure
  • Weather modification (weather weaponization) is set loose to destroy the supply chain for food,
  • Humans are to be replaced by artificial intelligence systems,
  • Followed by artificial intelligence humanoid robots (terminators).
  • The big picture of the cosmos depicts humanity as a target for extinction
  • The big picture of the cosmos depicts humanity as a target for extinction

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